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Approval to Install

Under section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993, an Approval to Install, Construct or Alter an On-Site Sewage Management System is required from Council. If you are installing a new system or altering an existing system please complete the form below and obtain an Approval from Council prior to commencing works.

Plumbing and drainage works – onsite sewage and stormwater application
Advisory conditions for the installation of OSSM

For an Application to Install, Construct or Alter for a new dwelling, the following information (at a minimum) is required to be submitted with the application:

  • Site Constraints Plan - to scale detailing the location of the proposed system and its land application area.  All buffer distances to all waterways, dams, buildings and driveways, swimming pools, water storage tanks and property boundaries must be shown
  • Drainage Diagram - to scale in accordance with National Plumbing & Drainage Plumbing Code AS/NZS 3500
  • Floor Plan - of any building connected to the sewage management system
  • Manufacturer’s Specifications - for the proposed OSSM system
  • NSW Health Approval - Provide a copy of NSW Health approval for proposed system
  • Land Capability Assessment Report - for wastewater disposal conducted by a suitably qualified person and demonstrate compliance with AS1547 and NSW Environment & Health Protection Guidelines, and
  • Operations and Maintenance – details of the operation and maintenance requirements for the sewage treatment facility and the proposed operation, maintenance and servicing arrangements.

Land Capability Assessment Report includes a percolation test and geotechnical report.  A percolation test tests for the permeability of the soil to accept wastewater.  It assists in determining the length of the absorption trenches for disposal of wastewater.  The Geotechnical report investigates the subsurface soil profile and groundwater characteristics.  It interprets this information to provide engineering recommendations for system design based on the type of soil profile and groundwater characteristics.

If the size of the property where the new system is proposed to be installed is less than 20,000m2 (5 acres), the applicant will also need to be able to justify that the system can be installed and effluent effectively applied to the land without any adverse environmental or public health impacts to the occupiers, neighbouring properties and nearby sensitive receptors. This justification is to be supported by a suitably qualified person.

It should be noted that the applicant will need to demonstrate that they have space for primary and reserve disposal areas within the boundary of the site.  If a reserve disposal area cannot be provided within the lot due to limitation of space, a higher level of wastewater treatment (i.e. secondary or advanced) is required to ensure longevity of the disposal area.

It is also recommended that wastewater is alternated into a different sections of the disposal area after each pump cycle (using an indexing valve), thereby allowing each area to have a rest in an unsaturated state for significant periods during the day.