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An Enhanced Natural Environment

We’ll continue improving the health of the Murray River, being a leader in natural resource management and protecting local plants and animals.
RivPre - 03-03
Albury Riverside Precinct

Total budget: $8.7M

Completion: June 2023

This multi-million dollar project will provide spectacular riverside experiences including boardwalks, a floating dock, car parking, lighting, landscaping and new pathways along the river’s edge at Hovell Tree Park through to behind the Albury Swim Centre.

Material Recovery Facility

2022/2023 Budget:

Completion: June 2024

The Construction and Demolition Material Recovery Facility (C&D MRF) is a major project that we’re working on to make our waste management centre even more efficient, environmentally-friendly and easier to use for customers.

Image of a cat and dog
Animal Management Facility

Total budget: $200,000

Completion: June 2023

Part two of this project will deliver the design for a modern regional animal management facility

Image of bikes on Nail Can Hill
Mountain Bike Audit and Strategy Implementation

2022/2023 Budget: $150,000

Total budget: $750,000

Completion: June 2023

Improvements to the mountain bike track network on Nail Can Hill

concept image of the education centre at Wonga
Wonga Wetlands Visitor Education and Experience Centre

2022/2023 Budget: $500,000

Total budget: $2.35M

Completion: July 2024

Detailed designs are being prepared for construction of a visitor education and experience centre at Wonga Wetlands.

cyclists in wagirra trail
Wagirra Trail Extension

Total budget: $2.4M

Completion: April 2023

Construction is underway on an additional 12kms of sealed pathway extending behind Wonga Wetlands.