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Our Strategies 2050

Towards Albury 2050 provides a long-term approach and plan for the future of the community with a focus on four themes – A Growing Sustainable Economy, An Enhanced Natural Environment, A Caring Community and A Leading Community.

A Growing Sustainable Economy Our growing, diverse population will be balanced by our sustainable progress in business, industry and tourism offerings. We will be a connected city through our integrated transport network. Learn More

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An Enhanced Natural Environment Our natural environment is protected and enhanced, we have adapted to the changing climate and continue to lead in emissions reduction and in natural resource and waste management. Learn More

A Caring Community We are a diverse, welcoming community that has an emphasis on physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Our community is a safe place, where everyone has access to quality facilities, activities, and human services. We take pride in celebrating our heritage and multiculturalism within our community. Learn More

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A Leading Community We are a vibrant city, with diverse and proactive leadership. We engage and have strong working relationships with our community, stakeholders and partners. Learn More