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Our Engagement Journey

Engagement for Towards Albury 2050 commenced in June and concluded in December 2021. Engagement occurred through: online engagement, numerous pop-ups in the community, and in primary and secondary schools.

The community and stakeholders actively participated through the ‘Have your Say’ website, completing 622 contributions from 3,926 visits throughout June 2021-November 2021. This interaction was achieved through online survey questions, interactive map and whiteboard to share “big ideas”.

There was also a high level of online engagement and participation through various social media channels, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn all providing further opportunities for the community and stakeholders to become actively involved in conversations regarding the future of Albury 2050. Numerous pop-up opportunities were undertaken in various locations around the city, allowing a diversity of participants across a variety of socio-economic and cultural demographics.

Engagement through primary and secondary schools was undertaken via class engagement with students participating in group and individual activities – producing their future vision for Albury 2050 through assorted art mediums. Young people actively engaged through the Albury Youth survey with 800 young people of varying diversity and culture aged 12-18 years responding. The younger cohort of under 10 years was actively engaged through ‘Lego Masters’ where they were provided with the opportunity to create their future designs for Albury 2050.

Community sentiments

  • Love keyboard_arrow_right


    Murray River, Hume Weir and Nature Reserves

    Walking trails and open spaces

    Connected and inclusive community

    Regional location with metropolitan-quality facilities

    Unique position as a cross-border city

  • Value keyboard_arrow_right


    Green and sustainable city

    Country lifestyle


    Vibrancy, diversity and innovation

    Affordable living

    Arts and creative spaces

  • Concerns keyboard_arrow_right


    Housing affordability

    Catering for sustainable growth

    Youth retention and attraction

    Impacts of climate change

    Balancing urbanisation and sustainability

    Under-representation of minority groups in community decision-making

    Accessibility challenge for cross-border residents


    Natural environment

  • Wants keyboard_arrow_right



    Integrated transport network

    Infrastructure in growth areas

    Affordable living

    Collaborative crossborder community

    Access to bicycle and walking tracks

    Community engagement with all key groups

    Destination city

    Same access as Metropolitan centres

Our community wants – here are some extracts from our Have a Say

“I would love for it to be more inclusive and accepting of those who are different or in a minority group. Take more refugees. Better support and rights for tenants. Strong environmental targets such as carbon neutral “by 2030.

“Encouragement and promotion of the use of established physical infrastructure such as buildings and heritage sites in preference to the construction of new”

“Accessibility for people with disabilities”

“Encouragement and PROMOTION of local environmental initiatives.”

“More nature. Sustainable developments with awareness of flora and fauna preservation”

“More family friendly activities”

“Connection with Wodonga. Need improved service between communities”