Bamboo Workshops with Giant Grass

From mini zomes to bamboo architecture, and everything in between, find a bamboo workshop that interests you - presented by industry experts, Giant Grass.

Build a mini zome to take home

Ever wanted a zome but didn’t have the space for the big one? Our mini version of a zome is here - build your own to take home!

The mini zome is 35cm wide and can be decorated in a range of different ways and used as a lamp shade, fruit bowl cover - your imagination is the limit. Learn about geometry, form, pattern, assembly, coordination, teamwork and more, in this fun-filled and engaging activity.

Saturday @ 10.00am 
Sunday @ 10.00am
Free, 1.5hrs

Limited to 15 participants per session.  Ages 10yrs plus - under 13yrs will need to be supervised by an adult.

Dynamic bamboo architecture

Bamboo as a sustainable, renewable and biomaterial opens up a range of design possibilities. Bamboo architecture requires developing an understanding of a design language which responds to the material’s specific strengths, its form and structural properties.

As part of this workshop, you will learn about dynamic geometries like hyperbolic  paraboloids and hyperbolic cylinders while building small models using bamboo skewers.  These dynamic shapes become the building blocks for creating various architectural  designs that are simple, sustainable, and unique.

Saturday @ 2.00pm
Sunday @ 2.00pm
Free, 1.5hrs

Limited to 15 participants per session.  Ages 10yrs plus - under 13yrs will need to be supervised by an adult.

Tools for building with bamboo

In this hands-on demonstration, learn about key bamboo building tools for cutting, splitting and carving. Additionally, there will be a demonstration on how to cut and drill bamboo as well as bamboo splits for weaving large structures.

Saturday @ 12.30pm

Bamboo species and its uses

Learn about the various bamboo species, their key characteristics and uses. This demonstration will use sample bamboo pieces to identify different bamboo species including the difference between running bamboo and clumping bamboos.

Sunday @ 12.30pm