Floral Design Competition Terms and Conditions

Version 0, Revision 2 - Last edited Friday 22 April 2022
  1. Entry is free & each entry will receive 1 x 2-day pass to Gardenesque
  2. Competition is open to Australian-based florists and floral designers, entrants in this category must hold official qualifications or current employment as a florist to be accepted.
  3. Entrants can submit a floral arrangement of their choice.
  4. Artificial flowers may be used to an absolute minimum.
  5. Arrangements must be available for display and judging across the two-day festival.
  6. Entrants will have a space of 75 cm x 75 cm to present their works (works will be able to be viewed from all angles).
  7. Entrants must be available to setup their own displays for the exhibition, on Saturday 9 October (event day) between 7:00 am and 9.00 am.
  8. Entrants must dismantle and remove their pieces no later than Monday 11 October by 5:00 pm or risk having their work disposed of.
  9. Entrants must maintain their own pieces throughout the festival.
  10. Prize offering for the winner of is a 2AY Advertising package worth $5,000.
  11. Judging is based on viewer’s choice, with every festival attendee given the opportunity to vote, with a coupon inserted in the festival guide, given on entry.
  12. Winners of the two main categories will be announced at the event on Sunday morning (times TBC) across both categories, the entrants with the greatest number of votes collected from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturday, will be announced as the winners.