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Sculpture in the Square Exhibition

Have you seen and experienced 'Adaptation'?

Adaptation is a large scale inflatable sculpture currently sitting in QE11 Square that invites the viewer to journey around and through the complex organic structure, revealing vibrantly coloured and patterned art textiles, bursting away from the main structure almost as if they grew there.

The project was developed by approximately 100 creatives across NSW during lockdown in 2020. Communities joined together in a series of live online sessions that explored creativity in a fun and unexpected way with the Goldberg Aberline Studio. Drawing, working to music, working with movement, and working with a prescribed set of mediums allowed many participants to ‘find a happy place’ or achieve a sense of freedom and release as they worked.

The artists then adapted these small scale art works, into large collages – often merging four or five artist’s work together to create one cohesive whole. These art textiles were then shaped into soft sculptural forms and integrated into the sculpture.

View four of the original artworks at the Retro Lane Cafe from 4 June until 23 June.

Friday 4 June - Wednesday 23 June 2021, 12:00 am - 12:00 am

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