Wildflower Walk

When: Sunday 29 September, 9.30am - 12.30pm

Where: Nail Can Hill, Range Road, Glenroy

Price: FREE

Join local wildflower specialists at the annual Nail Can Hill Wildflower Walk.

During spring, Nail Can Hill is one of the most spectacular areas for wildflowers in the Albury area.
This event is a wonderful opportunity to experience the distinctive beauty of the Nail Can Hill wildflowers and this special woodland, right on our doorstep.

Free guided walks with local wildflower specialists will be available for various levels of adventure – with 1 and 1.5 hour walks, plus children’s activities. Self-guided walks will also be available with local flowers labelled to help you learn and discover wildflowers in your own time.

Discover flowers including chocolate lilies, parrot peas, rice flowers, yellow paper daisies, white milkmaids, exquisite native orchids and many more. Don’t miss your change to explore these beauties while they are out in full bloom.

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