Merchant, Moderniser & Mayor: 160 years since James Fallon

When: Wednesday 31 July - Monday 4 November

Where: Foyer, Council Administration Building, 553 Kiewa Street, Albury

Price: FREE

The first Municipal Council elections were held on 27 July 1859 and Albury’s first mayor, James T Fallon, was elected.

Born in Ireland, Fallon arrived in Albury in 1854 and from his arrival took an active part in the development of the town. A progressive thinker and natural leader, he led the way for winemaking, business, education and politics in Albury and in Australia.

‘When the history of our industries is written, his name will occupy a prominent place in its pages’

The Albury Banner, 24 February 1890

To celebrate Local Government Week, this exhibition looks at the extraordinary life of this man and the legacy he left behind.