Capturing Charlie: Collecting A Cinema Icon

When: Saturday 22 September - Sunday 18 November 2018

Where: LibraryMuseum, Corner of Kiewa and Swift Streets, Albury

Price: FREE

At the height of his career, Charlie Chaplin was one of the most famous people on the planet. With over 80 film releases between 1914 and 1967, his films were enjoyed across Australia and the world, including at our local picture palaces. Chaplin left a great legacy to the performing arts, to cinema and to comedy, and his iconic image remains recognisable to this day.

Capturing Charlie: Collecting A Cinema Icon tells the story of this cultural icon through the collection of Chaplin enthusiast Paddy MacDonald. Featuring posters, postcards, stamps, cigarette cards, magazines, books, dolls, original artwork and more, the exhibition charts the life, work and image of one of the twentieth century’s most recognisable figures.

This exhibition is the collection’s first ever large-scale showing in Australia, and highlights Paddy’s love of Charlie born of a childhood spent watching his films and time spent with the Chaplin family in Switzerland. Numbering many hundreds of pieces, the collection demonstrates the significance of this iconic performer and also the esteem with which he is held by our collector.

Chaplin was the son of music hall performers whose London childhood was marked by poverty and adversity. His life was marked by great success and joy but also great hardship. Yet despite these challenges, Charlie taught us to smile, laugh, and enjoy life. Albury LibraryMuseum is delighted to celebrate the life, work and legacy of this legendary actor, comedian, composer, film maker and humanitarian.

Capturing Charlie: Celebrating A Cinema Icon is part of Albury’s Charlie Chaplin Festival, which features a wide range of programs and events including talks and tours, a film screening, and a Guinness World Record Attempt. And don’t forget to visit the LibraryMuseum’s Charlie Chaplin Pop Up Shop to take home your own unique piece of Charlie memorabilia.

Visit our Charlie Chaplin page for full details of all festival events.