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Board games

Come along and play an old classic or try something new!

We have searched for fun throughout the land, and after much adventuring they have acquired a collection of board games!

Play an old classic, try something new, or bring your own and introduce your favourite game to the group. Board games will be available fortnightly on a Saturday, so bring your friends and explore our collection!

Saturday 8 May 2021 Saturday 22 May 2021 Saturday 5 June 2021 Saturday 19 June 2021 Saturday 3 July 2021 Saturday 17 July 2021 Saturday 31 July 2021 Saturday 14 August 2021 Saturday 28 August 2021
10:00 am - 12:45 pm
Lavington Library, Northpoint Tower, Griffith Road, Lavington
Suitable for
ages 15+

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