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Tree and Vegetation Management

  • The impact of tree removal was a key issue raised during consultation. Tree management is currently controlled by Part 5 (Tree Preservation) of the ADCP 2010 and is a Council-wide matter beyond just residential development and residential zones (the subject of Part 10). Therefore, it is more appropriate and better addressed in a review of Part 5 (Tree Preservation) of the DCP.
  • A review of Part 5 is currently being undertaken and is considering a variety of aspects, including, but not limited to:
    • Recognition of the requirements for Biodiversity Certified land and areas excluded from Certification
    • Provisions for managing native vegetation, not only trees
    • Requirements for replacement planting
    • Vegetation-sensitive design principles
    • Acknowledging the value of vegetation beyond being habitat for threatened species, such as microclimate, soil stability, amenity, landscape and carbon sink
  • The review of Part 5 will have the opportunity for community consultation and involvement.
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