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Parking sensor trial

We are trialling the use of parking sensors that detect when you enter and leave a parking space.

We are committed to investigating ‘smart’ ways of doing things as outlined in our 2C1C Smart Community Strategy which seeks to make our community more liveable, more workable and more sustainable.

The parking sensor trial is about working smarter and creating operational efficiencies. By eliminating the need for rangers to physically monitor vehicles overstaying time limits, we are freeing them up to perform other activities that serve the Albury community. In addition, the data generated by the sensors will enable AlburyCity to make more informed decisions around community infrastructure. The introduction of parking sensors does not change your obligations as a driver.

The sensors are small electronic devices inserted into the ground beneath each carpark in the trial area that detect and record the time a vehicle enters and leaves a parking space. These are linked to a parking management system that is monitored by AlburyCity rangers and notifies them when a vehicle has overstayed the time limit. When we are notified of a parking infringement by the system, one of our rangers will attend the vehicle to issue an infringement notice where necessary.

It is expected that the introduction of parking sensors will benefit the community in a number of ways, including:

  • Increasing parking turnover for equal opportunity access to the CBD
  • Improved community infrastructure and facilities through informed planning

Parking in Albury is still free and the introduction of parking sensors will not change that.  

The two year trial will initially apply to 172 parking bays in the Albury CBD with the possibility of additional parking bays being included in the trial.

Parking sensor placement map


Your time starts when you enter a space, not when you leave the car. This means if you sit in your car for 15 minutes after you park, that time will count towards you total time limit in the space.

Look out for the signs and numbers on the parking spaces. This will notify that you have entered a sensor monitored car space.

When will the sensors be introduced?

We are expecting to have the sensors installed in April 2021 and will conduct further testing of the sensors once installed.

We will let you know when the sensors are fully operational.

What happens after the trial period?

During the two-year trial period we will be gathering data from the sensors as well as feedback from the community.

There will also be formal opportunities for the community to provide feedback that will be considered in the decision regarding use of the sensors beyond the trial period.

Want to know more?

Our rangers will be available to answer any questions or you can contact a member of the Compliance Team on 02 6023 8111 or email