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Proposed reclassification of council land

NOTICE under CLAUSE 34 of the Local Government Act 1993

Proposed Re-classification of Council land - Ross Circuit Pre-School


Ross Circuit Pre-School currently occupies two parcels of land, as shown on the attached sketch. Council are required to consolidate the titles to comply with building legislation.

Both parcels are owned by Albury City Council, however;

A Public Reserve cannot be consolidated with land which is not Public Reserve.


Council is therefore proposing to convert lot 56 to Community Land and dedicate it as Public Reserve. Lots 54 & 56 can then be consolidated to create one larger Public Reserve. This will allow for the entire parcel to be Community Land and placed under Council’s Plan of Management for multiple community use.

The proposal will not change the current use of Ross Circuit pre-school and will confirm it’s continued operation.

Ross Circuit land status map

Should you wish to make a submission regarding this proposal, please contact council by email, post or in person before Friday, 19 July 2024.

Email your feedback to:, or mail to:

Property Officer
Albury City Council
PO Box 323
Albury NSW 2640

For further information contact Council’s Property Officer on (02) 6023 8111.