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Annual Maintenance Program

We’re keeping our gardens beautiful

Monday 1 February to Friday 12 February

It’s really important to all of us that the memorial spaces of our family and friends are peaceful, natural and welcoming.

To ensure they are, our Cemeteries and Crematoria team dedicate extra time each February to maintaining and beautifying the following spaces:
* Glenmorus Memorial Gardens Burial Sites
* Glenmorus Memorial Gardens Cremation Memorial Sites
* Waugh Road and Pioneer Burial Sites

To assist us in this, please remove any vases, plastic flowers or mementos that you’d like to keep by 7am, Monday 1 February. All unwanted items remaining on memorial sites after this date will be removed and disposed of by our team. Small mementos can be returned to memorial sites after Friday 12 February.

Please ensure any items returned to memorial sites are smaller than 300mm and to protect them from accidental damage, please keep them clear of the lawn and mowing strips. Any valuable or unique items are best kept safe at home.

If you have any queries about these spaces, would like to update your contact details or receive information about memorial upgrades and options, please get in touch with us over the phone on 02 6043 5655 or email, Monday – Friday, 9am – 4.30pm.

Thanks in advance for your assistance in carrying out this work.

Martin Forrester-Reid
Team Leader
Glenmorus Memorial Gardens and Crematorium

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