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Swimming Pool Certificates

Required when your property is for sale or rent, it confirms that your pool or spa meets required safety standards. This includes tourist accommodation with a pool.

For the safety of children and to help prevent drowning, pool owners must ensure that children are always properly supervised and that the safety of the pool area is maintained, as required by law.

If you’re a pool owner, building a pool or buying, selling or renting a property with a pool, you’ll need to make sure you're aware of laws that apply under the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

Ensure your pool fence is safe

You’ll need to make sure that your pool is surrounded by a child-resistant safety barrier that is designed, constructed, installed and maintained to comply with the relevant Australian standards. This includes portable and inflatable pools that are capable of being filled to a depth of 30cm.

To confirm your barrier is safe, you’ll find a checklist on the NSW government’s swimming pool register.

Swimming pool checklists

Register your pool

As a pool owner, you’re required to register your pool on the NSW government's swimming pool register. You’ll be issued with a certificate of registration.

Swimming pool register

Obtain a swimming pool certificate

A Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance is required for your pool or spa if your property is for sale or rent where your occupation certificate is more than 3 years old.

Pools that are located on residential premises with multiple tenants or tourist accommodation that is not on public land will also need a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance.

Application process

You can apply for a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance by completing the application form and lodging upon payment at our Kiewa Street office. If you hold an account, you can email your application to us.

To determine an application for a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance, we’ll need to inspect your pool and review our records and information submitted as part of the application. We’ll get in touch to arrange the inspection or if any further information is required.

A Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance is issued under the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

Download application


The cost of a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance can be viewed in our fees and charges. Please note that you’ll need to pay an additional inspection fee if we need to carry out more than one inspection.

Inspecting pools for your safety

As part of the Swimming Pools Act 1992, we’re required to inspect pool fences at random under our swimming pool inspection program to check that they comply with the relevant Australian standards.

If your property has been randomly chosen, you’ll receive a letter advising of the required inspection and fees payable. Once we’ve determined that your pool is compliant and the required fees have been paid, we’ll issue a swimming pool certificate to you.

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