• Police will target dangerous drivers in Albury's worst streets for speeding.

    Put the brakes on speeding drivers

    07 May 2019

    If speeding drivers are a problem in your street, AlburyCity wants to hear about it.

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  • Photo of 'Claude' Red Hungarian Vizsla pup

    Rangers provide microchipping at Million Paws Walk

    08 May 2019

    Pet owners can have their dogs and cats microchipped or update their microchip details at AlburyCity's stall at Hovell Tree Park as part of the RSCPA Million Paws Walk on Sunday 19th May 2019.

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  • AlburyCity renews appeal to avoid flushing wet wipes

    Wet wipes continue to cause sewer problems

    09 May 2019

    Contractors have begun a process to clean the city’s ‘wet wells’ at the main sewer pump station in Wodonga Place because wet wipes are continuing to be flushed down local toilets.

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  • Legal assistance will be offered at the libraries as part of Law Week

    Legal help at the libraries

    13 May 2019

    Albury's libraries are joining more than 40 others around NSW in hosting free workshops for Law Week.

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  • Extra lanes, lines to improve traffic flow

    Extra lanes and lights to ease traffic flow at Thurgoona

    16 May 2019

    Traffic lights coupled with extra lanes will significantly ease congestion at the intersection of Elizabeth Mitchell Drive and Thurgoona Drive.

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  • Candidates told local communities need a greater share of federal funding grants

    Councils call for fairer funding share

    07 May 2019

    AlburyCity Acting Mayor Amanda Cohn has called on candidates standing for election in the seat of Farrer to support the call by the Australian Local Government Association for a fairer share of taxation revenue to flow to local communities through their councils.

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  • Invasive weeds removed in works to restore riverbank, prevent erosion

    River bank to be restored

    20 May 2019

    Important environmental works along the banks of the Murray River in Albury will help to preserve the area for future generations to enjoy.

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  • Deputy CEOs appointed in senior leadership changes

    CEO, Deputies to lead council

    20 May 2019

    AlburyCity has announced two of the organisation’s senior leaders have been appointed to new Deputy Chief Executive Officer roles.

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  • Sports people will enjoy better facilities, thanks to improvements at three local grounds.

    Funding boost for sports fields

    02 May 2019

    Local sports people will enjoy improved facilities at three leading sports grounds, thanks to important enhancement work funded by AlburyCity and the Federal Government.

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  • Plane Tree in Noreuil with visible scar in trunk

    Plane Tree to be removed and replaced

    02 April 2019

    A large Plane Tree at Noreuil Park, identified as having structural issues and a limited life expectancy, will be felled this week.

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