Wet wipes continue to cause sewer problems

Contractors have begun a process to clean the city’s ‘wet wells’ at the main sewer pump station in Wodonga Place because wet wipes are continuing to be flushed down local toilets.

The works could cause an unpleasant odour in the area but council teams will minimise any smell by spraying deodorant in the area while the work takes place.

Preparations are being conducted this week with the cleaning of the two wells to take place from Monday 13 May, weather permitting.

Each well could take up to four days to clean, with the entire process to take up to two weeks to complete.

AlburyCity has renewed an appeal to residents to avoid flushing wet wipes, even those that are marked as flushable.

The wipes cause blockages in the sewerage system, sometimes requiring costly operations to remove them.

Wet wipes should never be flushed and instead should be disposed of in red-lidded garbage bins.

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