Put the brakes on speeding drivers

If speeding drivers are a problem in your street, AlburyCity wants to hear about it.

Once again, council and police are joining forces for the “Stop It Or Cop It” campaign, which aims to identify the city’s worst streets for speeding.

Residents worried about driver behaviour in their neighbourhoods are encouraged to fill out a form on AlburyCity’s website to explain their concerns.

The worst five streets for speeding will then be targeted by police to deter dangerous behaviour and help keep local communities safe.

AlburyCity Councillor Alice Glachan said the idea was for the community, police and council to work together to identify and solve problems.

“Unfortunately, about 40 per cent of road fatalities involve speed,” she said.

“These are lives needlessly lost because of dangerous and irresponsible driving but by working together we can help police to get speeding drivers off the road.”

Sergeant Steve Schausinger from the Albury Highway Patrol urged the community to support the campaign by reporting drivers who are endangering local lives.

“In a motor vehicle crash, travelling at only a small amount over the speed limit can sometimes make the difference between life and death,” he said.

“But if community members can help us to identify the hot spots for speeding we can concentrate on those areas and make it clear to speeding drivers that their dangerous behaviour won’t be tolerated.”

The partnership is part of AlburyCity's road safety program.

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