Extra lanes and lights to ease traffic flow at Thurgoona

Traffic lights coupled with extra lanes will significantly ease congestion at the intersection of Elizabeth Mitchell Drive and Thurgoona Drive.

Council has resolved to proceed with the installation of the lights as part of long-term plans to meet the demands of a growing community at Thurgoona-Wirlinga.

Importantly, the approaches and departures to the intersection will be expanded to two through lanes in each direction on all legs, improving the efficiency and throughput of vehicles at the intersection. It will also include designated right turn lanes and slip lanes for vehicles turning left.

Council considered a range of options to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the intersection.

Council engineers have determined that if no action is taken, the existing roundabout will fail in six years.

If a new dual lane roundabout is built, the lifespan of the intersection will only increase from 6 years to 10-12 years, meaning more major works would then be needed.

However, the installation of traffic lights, slip lanes and the duplication of the approach lanes means the intersection will be effective for 20 years, providing smoother traffic flow and reducing delays for a longer period of time.

This intersection is critical in our overall network, linking to future plans such as access to Davey Road and the Thurgoona Link Road Project.

Work on this project will start later this year and is scheduled for completion in early 2020.

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