Councillors to consider sports ground options

AlburyCity Councillors will consider the outcome of the latest tender for the next stage of the Lavington Sports Ground redevelopment when they meet on Monday night.

A report on the stage 2 and 3a works will include a variation between the estimated and actual costs.

Council will be advised that preliminary third party analysis initially estimated the cost of these works at $8.01M (excluding GST), including major grandstand improvements, while the tendered costs have come in at between $10.073M and $10.163M (excluding GST).  A recent quantity surveyor’s report has confirmed that the tendered amounts are at current market value.

On Monday night, Councillors will consider four options for the project.

The options proposed are:

1. Not accept any tender submission, re-design the grandstand and call for fresh tenders
2. Not accept any tender and enter into negotiations with one or more tenderers
3. Accept one of the tenders based on assessment of the options
4. Not accept any tenders and not proceed with the project

Council officers have recommended option three.

As these options are subject to a decision by Council, no further comment will be made prior to Monday night’s meeting.

- ends -