Council seeks Deputy CEOs

AlburyCity is advertising nationally for two senior leadership positions as part of major changes to the council’s organisational structure.

Council is seeking to appoint a Deputy CEO Business, Growth and Community and a Deputy CEO Infrastructure, Planning and Environment, following a decision in June last year to adopt a more modern and streamlined management structure.

Under the changes, the previous management model of four directors and a general manager will be replaced by a model of one Chief Executive Officer and two Deputy CEOs to head council’s senior leadership team.

From Friday 1 March, Council will advertise the two deputy CEO roles, with applications to remain open until 29 March. AlburyCity General Manager Frank Zaknich said the new model continues Council’s continuous improvement focus and would provide a flatter and more streamlined management structure to more effectively lead the organisation as it continues positive work towards achieving the outcomes identified by the community in the Albury 2030 strategy and beyond.

“With the CEO role taking a greater organisational focus on advocacy, strategy, vision and purpose, the Deputy CEOs will be responsible for ensuring that all of our diverse functions are working together to achieve the direction and objectives of their respective Directorates, as we all contribute to delivering on our shared Council and community vision,” he said.

AlburyCity Mayor Kevin Mack said the new structure would create a high-level strategic management system.
“The Deputy CEOs will also be working closely with the CEO to provide high-level support in setting the strategic direction for the organisation,” he said.

Offers will be made in mid-May with the intention of having the successful candidates commencing in the roles in early July.

This process is timed to coincide with the expiry of the current Directors’ contracts in mid-2019.

More information about the positions is available here.