New structure to deliver community vision

AlburyCity has unveiled a new service model that will deliver an enhanced focus on the customer in everything that Council does.

The model has been developed following a comprehensive review of the council’s existing structure, which includes the recent appointment of two Deputy CEOs.

CEO Frank Zaknich says the model, which is made up of 10 service clusters, will ensure the organisation delivers excellence in customer service and has the capability to deliver on the future needs of our growing city.

“Each cluster will led by a Service Leader, who will report to one of our two Deputy CEOs, Tracey Squire and Brad Ferris,” he said.

“This new model is designed to help transition AlburyCity into a more contemporary organisation that is future focused and well positioned to ensure we continue to deliver on our shared council and community vision.”

Council endorsed the new model at its meeting last Monday.

Mayor Kevin Mack said Council has moved away from the traditional hierarchal structure to a more compatible and accountable service delivery model, which he believes is cutting-edge in local government.

The Service Leader positions will replace the previous model of Group Leaders and will be advertised nationally from this Friday. The new service model will take effect from 1 October 2019.

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