Joining forces to keep kids safe

AlburyCity is joining forces with local schools and police in a new campaign aimed at keeping children safe in busy school zones.

It follows rising concerns over drivers illegally parking around schools – especially during the busy drop-off and pick-up times.

Double parking and stopping in bus or no parking zones causes a visibility problem for children and other motorists, increasing the risks of children being hit by passing cars.

AlburyCity Mayor Kevin Mack said the campaign would focus on encouraging people to do the right thing but those who fail to heed the advice risk fines from council officers or police.

“We understand that drop-off and pick-up can be a challenging time for parents but we are asking them to think about the dangers they might cause by cutting corners when it comes to parking regulations,” he said.

“This is an education campaign but our rangers will be stepping up their patrols of all local schools to check that people are obeying the parking laws and those who do the wrong thing are likely to face on-the-spot fines of at least $344.”

As part of the campaign, AlburyCity rangers will conduct high profile patrols of school zones in a specially marked vehicle carrying messages to remind motorists of their responsibilities.

Senior Constable Damien Howells of the Albury Highway Patrol said drivers should take care around  schools at all times.

“We patrol school zones every school day and we’ll continue to be on the lookout for motorists putting children at risk by driving unsafely,” he said.

“It’s critical that drivers obey the rules when it comes to parking and speed – and in 40 kph school speed zones it may be necessary to drive below that limit to protect children and eliminate the risk of getting a fine and demerit points.”

You can see Cr Mack discuss this campaign in the week's Mayor's Message.