Bikes get job seekers on the move

Old bikes delivered to the Albury Recycling Centre are getting new lives to help the long-term unemployed.

AlburyCity staff are collecting the bikes and providing them to environmental and humanitarian organisation, Envision Employment.

Envision uses the bikes to provide valuable training in repairs and repurposing to long-term jobseekers.

Some of the rebuilt bikes are donated to charities and others are given to jobseekers as transport so they can get to and from training opportunities and job interviews.

Anyone who wants to donate bikes to a good cause can drop them off for free at the recycling centre in Mudge Street.

The bikes don’t have to be in full working order as part of the training process involves teaching mechanical and recycling skills to participants.

Envision is a leader in recycling. Apart from bike repairs, one of its major functions is to recycle bottle tops that are used to make prosthetic hands to be donated to children.

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