Sun shines on energy future

A new era in power generation has begun, with the commissioning of the Albury Renewable Energy Hub - Australia's first solar plant built on a reclaimed landfill site.

The hub, at the Albury Waste Management Centre, consists of 4,000 solar panels that will produce enough energy for about 400 homes, or more than 1,000 local electricity users.

The hub includes an electric vehicle super charger, directly connected to the renewable generation at the site, allowing the community to charge their vehicles with emissions-free electricity.

Developed as a partnership between AlburyCity, LMS Energy and Joule Energy, the hub also includes an on-site, baseload methane gas-to-energy system to provide even more power to consumers.

AlburyCity Councillor Henk van de Ven said council was proud to have helped deliver a renewable energy system for the future.

“As a community, we’re leading the way in Albury towards a more sustainable future so embracing alternative energy is obviously a fantastic way of growing our clean energy generation for the decades ahead,” he said.

“By harnessing the power of the sun and landfill gases that would otherwise leak into the atmosphere we’re beginning to make a real difference at a local level and it’s very exciting to see this new plant come on line.”

The general manager of LMS Energy, Matthew Falzon, said the hub would be Australia’s first large-scale solar farm situated on top of a capped landfill.

“This project showcases how a well-managed waste management facility can be a reliable and significant source of renewable energy generation, which can benefit the local community and environment alike,” he said.

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