Plane Tree to be removed and replaced

A large Plane Tree at Noreuil Park, identified as having structural issues and a limited life expectancy, will be felled this week.

The defect at the base of the tree, which can be seen as a large scar, has been closely monitored over a number of years and assessed by an independent Arborist. The assessment report identified that the tree has a life expectancy of around five years.

AlburyCity General Manager Frank Zaknich said that a decision has been made to remove the tree now as part of the car park upgrade, and replace it with an advanced Plane Tree during the winter planting season.

“We appreciate that the removal of any advanced tree can be upsetting, however, the safety of the community especially in such a highly used area must be our top priority."

“As part of the Stage 1 Noreuil Park Foreshore improvements, we’ve already planted an additional seven Chinese Elm trees and we’ll also plant more trees at the completion of the car park works," Mr Zaknich said.