Life-saving help at hand

Lives could be saved, thanks to the purchase of ten automated external defibrillators (AED) that will be installed at council facilities.

The devices will be placed at the Albury Entertainment Centre, Glenmorus Gardens, the Botanic Gardens, the Visitor Information Centre, Wonga Wetlands, the Les O’Brien Athletics Precinct, the Waste Management Centre, Glenecho Community Centre and Mirambeena Community Centre.

At a cost of about $20,000, the new purchases bring to 18 the total number of defibrillators in place at council assets used by the public.

Although it’s hoped they’ll never be needed, the machines will be there to help anyone who suffers a heart attack.

Every year, as many as 30,000 people suffer sudden cardiac arrests in Australia and many do not survive because help cannot reach them in time. AEDs can provide life-saving treatment in an emergency and at council, we hope these devices will increase the chances of survival for anyone in cardiac arrest.

No specific training is required to operate the units. Visual and audio prompts will guide the first responders through the steps. If needed, an AED will deliver a controlled electric shock to try to 'restart' the heart. It will not deliver a shock if it is not required and you will not do any harm by putting an AED on someone who is unconscious.

The AED will also tell you when to pause and restart CPR through voice instructions.

In facilities that are not staffed at all times, such as the Botanic Gardens, the AEDs will still be accessible to the community and able to be operated by anyone.