Air scouring to keep water clean

A major water mains cleaning program in the CBD, South Albury, East Albury and parts of North Albury will ensure water supplies to homes and businesses will remain safe and free of any discolouration caused by sediment build up.

It means water supplies will be temporarily shut down to homes and businesses in the affected areas for up to four hours at a time between Thursday 18 October 2018 and Friday 23 November 2018.

Residents are being advised of works in their neighbourhood through letter box drops, media coverage, social media posts and AlburyCity’s newsletter.

In the case of businesses, much of the work is being scheduled out of business hours. Commercial customers, food businesses and schools that require a water supply during the day will be consulted, with the mains to be cleaned overnight or on the weekend, depending on which option best suits their needs.

The cleaning will be undertaken in a process known as air scouring which involves draining sections of water main and introducing pulses of air and water which flow down the main, sending debris and sediment to a water hydrant. The sediment is then flushed and captured in a sediment bag.

AlburyCity Mayor Kevin Mack acknowledged the works would cause some inconvenience but said it was necessary to ensure a continuing supply of high quality water.

“Recent testing has shown that sediment in our mains causes water discolouration at times of high flow,” he said.

“By air scouring the mains we can remove the sediment, ensuring clean, clear water, in a process that will be conducted quickly and efficiently to minimise any disruption.”

Customers will be encouraged to turn off their water supply at the meter for the duration of the air scouring works to limit any discoloured water entering their properties.

The air scouring will begin at 9am on Thursday 18 October with the entire program to be completed by Friday 23 November 2018.

Notices are being placed in letterboxes prior to works taking place.