Work starts on solar array

Work has officially started on the next stage of a renewable energy revolution at the Albury Waste Management Centre with the first sod turned on a new solar power array.

The project, which will see the construction of about 4,000 solar panels, is expected to be operating by May 2019.

It will form part of the Albury Renewable Energy Hub, which when combined with the site’s existing landfill gas-to-energy system, will generate enough electricity to power 1,900 homes, servicing more than 5,000 local people.

That’s the equivalent to charging 225,000 electric vehicles every year. When compared to a traditional coal-fired station generating the same amount of energy, the hub will save nearly 25 million litres of water a year.

“This is a win-win project that will both power local homes and reduce the emission of harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by almost 54,000 tonnes every year,” said AlburyCity Deputy Mayor Amanda Cohn.

“I am so excited that Albury City is leading the way in renewable energy generation at our waste management centre, where we have already drastically reduced the amount of waste we bury as a community.”

The project is being developed by AlburyCity, LMS Energy and Joule Energy.