Govt, Council work to ease school drop-off pressure

Member for Albury, Greg Aplin, has received advice from the Minister for Education regarding the traffic issues associated with the drop-off and collection of students attending Thurgoona Public School.

“I wrote to the Minister for Education and then discussed with both him and with the Director, Educational Leadership, Dr Brad Russell the concerns raised by the school community in relation to traffic issues during pick-up and drop-off time," Mr Aplin said.

“The Thurgoona Public School P&C, supported by the school, will conduct a survey to ascertain the essential pick-up arrangements of parents so consideration may be given to staggering pick-up times for students.

“The Minister advised that Albury City Council, in consultation with RMS, has agreed to consider options for the improvement of the Thurgoona Drive/Bottlebrush Street intersection.

“As a long term solution, Council advised that they are going to investigate the relocation of the bus bay and pick-up point, moving from Bottlebrush Street to Thurgoona Drive.

“The school has also had an enrolment ceiling set, non-local enrolments capped and the catchment zones will be enforced.

“Thurgoona Public School has approximately 10 per cent of its students from outside the school catchment,” Mr Aplin said.

“It is pleasing to see the school community, the Council and RMS working together towards a better outcome for the movement of students before and after school.”