Advanced pin oaks planted in historic street

After extensive consultations with residents of Griffith Street in central Albury, council staff have begun planting 22 advanced pin oak trees along each side of the heritage-listed street.

The trees, which are more than six metres high, will replace 90-year-old oak trees that were removed to allow for the street to be resurfaced and kerbs and gutters replaced.

An arboricultural assessment found that the old oak trees were in poor condition and near the end of their useful lives. The report concluded that the roadworks were likely to have a major impact on the ageing trees so it was decided they should be removed and replaced.

After consultation, Griffith Street residents chose to re-line their street with advanced pin oaks.

The first of the pin oaks was planted this afternoon, with re-planting of the entire street scheduled for completion by tomorrow.

Although the new pin oaks are in a dormant phase for winter, they’ll burst into life with new greenery in spring.

AlburyCity has thanked the residents for their patience while the work took place.