Traffic Model maps out city's roads future

The future of transport management on Albury’s roads has been mapped out at a councillor workshop.

Councillors have been presented with the Albury Traffic Model – a sophisticated technical tool that provides a solid foundation for the city’s future transport planning.

A joint venture between Council and Roads and Maritime Services, the model is based on extensive data collected over 18 months, assessing population growth, the existing road network and the future development and expansion of the city.

The model includes a major review of the efficiency of 25 key intersections.

Some of the model’s key findings include:

  • The city’s roads network is in good shape with ample roadway capacity to accommodate growth.
  • There needs to be a greater focus on improving intersection efficiencies and traffic flow.
  • The key challenges are the freeway interchanges and servicing the growth areas of Thurgoona/Wirlinga, including the Riverina Highway and Thurgoona Drive.
  • Albury CBD remains the main focus and destination for traffic.
  • There are short peak flows which cause frustration for motorists but clear quickly. Current levels of congestion have minimal impact on total travel times.
  • There are opportunities to grow other modes of transport, such as cycling and public transport, but adequate infrastructure and facilities are required.
  • In the short to medium term, only limited major infrastructure will be needed to meet the city’s transport needs.

The model will soon be presented to the community as part of a process to inform the development of the Albury Integrated Transport Strategy – a major strategic planning document that will enact the community’s objectives for transport management across the city.

Four community information sessions on the Albury Traffic Model are scheduled.

These will be held at:

  • Thurgoona Country Club Resort, Tuesday 20 March, 6pm
  • Thurgoona Country Club Resort, Wednesday 28 March, 6pm
  • Mirambeena Community Centre, Tuesday 10 April, 6pm
  • Robert Brown Room (AlburyCity offices, Kiewa St), Wednesday 18 April, 6pm.

Residents wishing to join one of the information sessions can register here.