Albury Awards 2018

Some of Albury's tireless community volunteers have been recognised in the 2018 Albury Awards.

Meet the 2018 Award Recipients.

Citizen of the Year 2018: Graham Smith

Graham ‘Skip’ Smith is a calm, experienced and passionate scout leader and mentor for boys and girls who have joined Albury Scouts. He is selflessly on-call to help with matters relating to scouts and the children’s activities and wellbeing. The countless hours that Graham dedicates to scouting in Albury provides consistency for the troop and enables many children and adults to excel individually and collectively. Under Graham’s leadership, scouts and cubs have contributed to the community through service projects such as Clean-Up Australia Day, ANZAC commemorative services, Red Shield Appeals, Nail Can Hill Run, St Matthew’s Christmas Tree event, contributions to the Care Van and other community appeals.

Young Citizen of the Year 2018: Isabella Percy

Isabella is currently the Mayor of AlburyCity’s Youth Council and has been a representative for the past two years. She is passionate and committed to ensuring young people of her community have an active voice about the decisions that affect their future. Her drive and energy to capitalise on building a strong youth presence on Council has been demonstrated through a number of initiatives and projects and her ability to manage multiple projects whilst undertaking her HSC school studies is commendable. Her outstanding contributions to the community and innate leadership qualities have been evidenced by the pivotal role she took in coordinating the Youth Forum which required excellent time management and leadership skills.

Volunteer of the Year: Kevin Kennedy

Kevin is a passionate SES volunteer. He is hard working, friendly and approachable and has incredible positive energy for any task that he completes. Kevin puts community service first and is considered a most reliable and dependable member of the Albury SES. He will put his hand up for anything that needs doing and supports junior members along the way. The SES relies on a large number of ‘behind the scenes’ volunteers to do everything from answering phones and radios, to servicing trucks and maintaining equipment, to feeding and supporting field-based volunteers and administration of the organisation. Kevin is responsible for fleet and logistics and is an unsung hero of the Albury Unit. Not only does he perform his duties reliably and cheerfully, but also demonstrates quiet leadership, excellent communication and approachability to junior volunteers.

Community Group of the Year 2018: City2City Committee

City2City is a social enterprise, motivating the community to get together, be active and improve health and well-being with exercise. The City2City Committee provides the planning, co-ordination and execution of the City2City Run/Walk in support of Albury Wodonga Health as it flagship fund raiser. The committee is a volunteer organising group, drawing together a team of people with different skills, talent and experiences which are drawn upon to make relevant stakeholder connections, engage local businesses, source goods and services and rally community organisations. Through the innovation of its co-founders, City2City has become the largest fun run/walk in regional NSW and is approaching the size and envy of metro events. Held annually, City2City attracts almost 8,000 participants, spectators and volunteers of all ages and abilities each year and is fast becoming a key event for visiting athletes, family and friends.