Art beats graffiti

Art is being used as an important tool to deter graffiti vandals.

Research has shown that vandals are less likely to ‘tag’ assets that have been beautified by artwork and as part of this process, Albury City recently commissioned artist Kade Sarte to create a stunning mural on an old tank at the David Street Skate Park.

Kade, who is well known in the skating community, transformed the tank with artwork that features three themes that can be seen from different vantage points around the park.

From the skate bowl, stylized lettering can be seen which spells out the artist’s name. From the netball courts a mystical girl’s face appears out of a dark and highly-charged background. A sunken ship appears in the gloom on the street side of the tank.

It’s hoped the subjects will appeal to the young skaters who use the area and discourage them from defacing Kade’s work.

Similar art projects, in which works created by local young people have been used as vinyl wraps, have proven successful in deterring tagging on utility boxes in key points in Albury.

A work by Kade Sarte has also beautified a previously graffiti-strewn wall at the Logan Road off-leash park. This work has been well-received by dog owners and has also served to deter vandalism.

The project will continue at other graffiti hotspots in coming months.