Window opens into city's past

Artefacts that open a window into Albury’s past are for the first time on public display at the LibraryMuseum.

The collection of archaeological treasures was found during the construction of MAMA in 2015.

Between 1858 and 1886, four telegraph offices were built in Albury’s QEII Square precinct and these objects, including children’s toys and clerical items, are relics of the life and times of the people who used the buildings that were then on the site.

The artefacts also include ink bottles imported from London, writing slates with slate pencils and upcycled perfume bottles used as inkwells. The manufacturing process and signs of wear on these items help date the objects and put each excavated area into a contextual timeline.

The objects have been painstakingly conserved for the exhibition, Unearthed: What lay beneath QEII.

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