Chips fly after Waterview timber harvest

Thousands of tonnes of pine logs are being turned into valuable wood chips at AlburyCity’s Waterview Wastewaster Treatment Facility.

Left over wood and dead trees from a 75-hectare plantation at the Waterview site, owned by AlburyCity in a commercial joint venture with the Forestry Corporation of NSW, are being harvested and fed into a chipping machine, with the chips to be sold to industry as boiler fuel.

The larger pieces of timber from the harvest have also been used for pulp production.

The trees were planted in the late 90s as part of the development of the Waterview facility, with reclaimed water produced from the plant used to irrigate both softwood and hardwood plantations around the site and also at Wonga Wetlands.

The Forestry Corporation has secured a commercial agreement with a third party and the work is scheduled for completion in December 2017.

That will be followed by an intensive re-vegetation project to return the site to its natural state. Under a ten-year Vegetation Management Plan, grassy box gum woodland will be returned to the area, providing environmental corridors for native animals.