Mayor weighs in on Cross Border Commissioner

AlburyCity Mayor Kevin Mack will throw his support behind any plans by the Victorian Government to appoint a Cross Border Commissioner.

Cr Mack says having a Cross Border Commissioner in both New South Wales and Victoria will go a long way towards overcoming many of the challenges that people living and working on the border face every day.

“Cross border anomalies can only be resolved if all levels of government, across all states and with Federal Government support, work together to achieve real change,” Cr Mack said.

The Victorian Government has announced that it will develop a business case for a Cross Border Commissioner, a move that has been welcomed by councils and residents living in border communities.

Cr Mack says NSW appointed a Cross Border Commissioner in 2012. “James McTavish is actively working to resolve issues but without the willingness and commitment of other states, it makes it very difficult to bring about real change”.

He says he welcomes any opportunity to have input into the business case and is encouraging all other agencies and community members to support the move if given the opportunity.