Youth Council chooses Mayor, Deputy

11 May 2016

AlburyCity Youth Council is now in session, with 17 passionate young people ranging from 13 to 17 years of age ready to represent young people.

All local high schools - The Scots School Albury, Albury High School, James Fallon High School, Xavier High School, Trinity Anglican College, Border Christian College and Murray High School - have student representatives on the Youth Council.

The Youth Council hopes to achieve greater youth engagement during their term, as well as tackle key issues affecting young people, like sexual health and disenfranchisement.

At their last meeting the new councillors elected their Mayor as Katy Byrns, 17 from Albury High School, and their Deputy Mayor as Winona Horton, 17 from The Scots School Albury.

Katy said: “Being elected Mayor of the Albury Youth Council, I hope to embody the core values that our council holds and aid the other members of the council in achieving their set goals for the year ahead. Being able to work with Winona, our Deputy Mayor, as well as the rest of the council is going to make for a productive year in representing and raising the profile of the youth within our community. I indubitably look forward to the year ahead.”

Winona said: “I’m looking forward to working with a such a passionate and determined group of people, on tackling Albury's largest youth issues."

AlburyCity Mayor Cr Henk van de Ven congratulated the Youth Mayor, Deputy Mayor and all Youth Councillors and said he looked forward to working with them to make sure young people are represented in decision-making.  The Youth Councillors are: 

  • Katelyn Byrns (Mayor)  
  • Winona Horton (Deputy Mayor)  
  • Thomas White
  • Oscar Little
  • Ashlie Borella  
  • Campbell Westmoreland  
  • Hannah Walsh
  • Holly Davidson
  • Miranda Finck  
  • Sam Kohne  
  • Isebella Percy
  • Neave Kapoor  
  • Sonali Kagithala  
  • Morgan Mamouney  
  • Aimee Owens  
  • Cordellia Reller-Cashion  
  • Kate Homer