We are living, we are Evocities

24 June 2016

The Evocities campaign – a major campaign encouraging Sydneysiders to live, work and invest in one of seven regional cities – has launched a new creative look for the brand, utilising the real-life stories of relocators to promote regional City living to metropolitan residents.  

The fresh marketing creative includes a new logo, website, imagery and videos all of which sport the tagline ‘Regional City Living’ and promote the key message that ‘we are living, we are Evocities’ which pays homage to the fantastic career and lifestyle opportunities on offer across the seven Cities.  

Evocities spokesperson, Councillor Rod Kendall of Wagga City Council, said the inspiration behind the brand’s new look was a strong motivation to showcase the fantastic benefits relocators will receive by making a City change.  

“We as Councils, can go on about everything the Evocities have to offer, but what is going to resonate the most with Sydneysiders are testimonials from actual relocators who know exactly what it’s like to be fed up with unaffordable housing and long commutes and have made the move and now have a much better quality of life,” Cr Kendall said.

“Each regional City provided an ambassador who took part in a video interview and photo shoot to tell their story of what life was like in their former City and what life is like now they’ve relocated to an Evocity.”

“The biggest factor that shone through in each of the case study stories was the abundance of time relocators have now that they’re not commuting as far anymore. Time that can be spent with their family, socialising with friends or exploring their passions that may not have been possible in a metropolitan City such as horse riding,” Cr Kendall said.

Hear what new Albury resident Vanessa Kelly says about moving her family to Albury:

Here's what relocators to other Evocities have to say:

Armidale - “I’ve started doing things I never would have dreamt of doing in Sydney. I’ve joined an orchestra, I ride my horse one day a week. Things you just wouldn’t even consider having the time to do.” – Virginia Wong

Bathurst - “I would think the biggest thing would be just much more time for family life. We just jumped at the chance because we love the lifestyle and everything about it.” – Manda Patterson

Dubbo - “Everything is within close vicinity of each other and we get to have great times. We get to go and spend time in the afternoon in our pool or playing a game of cricket or kicking a soccer ball. All of those things are available to us.” – Craig Mansour

Orange - “I used to drive 45-minutes to work every day and now it’s eight minutes door to door and free parking so that’s great.” – Elise Masters

Tamworth - “Something that’s really quite surprising that a lot of people don’t know about Tamworth is that it has a fantastic restaurant culture, there’s an emerging wine scene as well. I have found no shortfall moving to Tamworth.” – Michael Hansen

Wagga Wagga - “Here in Wagga everything is easy. There’s no stress with parking, there’s no stress with getting there in time. It doesn’t take long to get anywhere and there’s so many things to get involved in. I just feel more alive.” – Kate Bower

You can watch more clips on the Evocities YouTube channel

Evocities launched in September 2010 with the message that a move to an Evocity is a city change where a quality life awaits and a wide range of opportunities exist for personal and professional growth.

Since the campaign’s launch in 2010, Evocities has attracted more than 400,106 visits to Evocities.com.au and more than 1.6 million visits to evojobs.com.au and had over 2,628 households move to one of the seven cities.
The seven Evocities are Albury, Armidale, Bathurst, Dubbo, Orange, Tamworth and Wagga Wagga.