Urana Road Oval pavilion opens

16 May 2016

The new Urana Road Oval Sporting Pavilion was officially opened before the Hume League Round 6 match hosted by the Murray Magpies Football Netball Club on Saturday.

This $1.36M project was constructed through a partnership between AlburyCity, New City Cricket Club, Murray Magpies Football Netball Club and the NSW Government in which: 

  • AlburyCity contributed $600,000
  • AlburyCity granted an interest-free loan of $150,000 to the Murray Magpies and New City Cricket Club
  • The NSW Government granted $288,00 through the Community Building Partnership and the NSW ClubGrants
  • The AFL contributed $25,000
  • Cricket NSW/Australia granted $25,000
  • Remaining funds were contributed through cash and in-kind support from the clubs and associated sponsors

AlburyCity Mayor Henk van de Ven said it was a special project because the clubs themselves, in agreement with Council, had taken on the construction.

“This is a great example of community working together with government to make something happen," Cr van de Ven said.

“I commend the clubs for taking responsibility for driving the construction through Premier Building Construction, which has gone above and beyond as part of this important community project. Everyone involved has done a great job.”

Member for Albury Greg Aplin said: “It’s great to see this much-needed new pavilion open for the Murray Magpies Football and Netball Club, New City Cricket Club and the general community.

“This is a partnership project and it demonstrates what the community can do in collaboration with local and State Government.” 

The project included:

  • Construction of curator's facility and cricket storage next to the cricket nets  
  • New vehicle entry on Schneider Street
  • New restricted vehicle entry adjacent to Memorial Gates on Urana Road
  • Relocation of shelter to the netball courts
  • Upgrade of services
  • New change rooms, public amenities, storage and utility areas and a social area