Uiver photographic collection on show

29 September 2016

A photographic exhibition charting the history of the Uiver aeroplane will be on show at the LibraryMuseum from until 13 November.

As part of the exhibition, local history buffs are invited to a talk on Sunday 23 October at 2pm to mark the 82nd anniversary of the Dutch DC-2 plane’s emergency landing in Albury.

The Uiver: A Photographic History charts the story of the Uiver, from its purchase by KLM to its eventual crash landing in the Syrian Desert in December 1934 and the 1984 re-enactment flight.

The exhibition features photographs sourced by Uiver collector Noel Jackling.

The exhibition focuses on the identities involved when the plane made an emergency landing at Albury racecourse.

The Uiver was competing in the London to Melbourne MacRobertson International Centenary Air Race of 1934 when bad weather forced it to make an emergency night landing at the Albury racecourse with assistance from the Albury community.

The next morning, local residents helped pull the plane out of deep mud where it was able to take off and re-join the race to Melbourne, placing second overall and winning the Handicap Prize as a passenger airliner.

The photographic exhibition focuses on the pilot and passengers, including Flight Captain Koene Dirk Parmentier and Thea Rasche who was known as ‘The Flying Fräulein’, and was the first female to be registered as a pilot after World War I, as well as the Albury people involved with the plane's rescue -  Arthur Newnham, Clifton Mott, Lyle Ferris, Reginald Turner and Bertie Peacock.

Uiver talk
Sunday 23 October, 2.00pm
Where: LibraryMuseum
Bookings: 02 6023 8333