Organics recycling hits new milestone

02 November 2016

Local households have diverted more than 30,000 tonnes of organic waste from landfill since the roll out of the three-bin system across Albury, Wodonga, Corowa and Indigo Shire.

AlburyCity Mayor, Kevin Mack described the result as outstanding. “If that waste had gone to landfill it would have generated almost 30,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases. Instead, it has been turned into compost used in gardens and landscaping across the region.”

He said the three-bin system has also achieved recycling rates of 84% which is well above the NSW State Target of 70%.

“We’re now achieving the best recycling rates per household in NSW. This is a remarkable turnaround in only five years since the start of the Halve Waste Program. The contamination rate of the green bin is also the lowest in Australia at only 1%”.

“I applaud our local residents for their acceptance of the new service and it’s a credit to everyone who is participating and recognising the importance of reducing waste for our future generations,” Cr Mack said.

Overall the region has achieved a 33% reduction in waste to landfill since 2010. “We are on target to achieve the overall 50% reduction by 2020” Cr Mack said.

However, he says there’s more work to be done and Council and the Halve Waste Team will continue to work with residents to help them manage their household waste.

  • 23% of the red bin is made up of organics which could go into the green bin
  • 14% of the red bin is recyclables which should go into the yellow top bin

Cr Mack encourages households to visit the halve waste website to learn more about managing household waste.