New recycling centre opens

03 November 2016

AlburyCity’s commitment to waste reduction and recycling has been further strengthened with the opening of its new community recycling centre.

The $2.4M facility at the Albury Waste Management Centre will process around 12,000 tonnes of material annually and it’s expected that 40-60 per cent of that waste will be diverted from landfill.

It will cater for general household recycling, problem household waste and will also have a re-use shop where people can purchase second-hand goods.

The problem household waste section is a joint initiative with NSW EPA, which contributed more than $200K towards the facility. It’s one of only 60 places in the state that can accept items like paint, motor oil, gas cylinders, batteries and fluoro light tubes that are harmful to the environment if thrown into regular rubbish or dumped.

In opening the centre, Chair of AlburyCity’s Engineering and Works Committee, Cr Henk van de Ven said, “We hope that the legacy of this centre will provide our future generations with a cleaner, greener environment helping to further maintain the wonderful lifestyle we enjoy in Albury and our region”.

“We’re reducing our community’s impact on the environment by diverting waste from landfill. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and will extend the life of our landfill, specifically the Southern Valley by a further 45 years.”

The new recycling centre also features a re-use shop which will be run by local not-for-profit group, Aware Industries. Aware’s team includes local people with disabilities, some long-term job seekers and people who are retraining for new careers.

The shop, which is due to open in December, will give new life to many items which are dropped off at the recycling centre.

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