Learn about our native water rats

05 October 2016

Our waterways are home to plenty of these little fellas - the Australian water rat - and you can find out all about them at a talk at Wonga Wetlands, Education Centre, on Friday 21 October at 7pm.

The Australian water rat (Hydromys chrysogaster) is a native rodent that was a natural part of our environment long before its pest cousins - the black rat and brown rat - arrived with the early colonists.  

The water rat (also known as rakali) has a thick coat of soft fur, dense whiskers, blunt muzzle, partly webbed back feet and furry tail that make it look like a miniature otter.  

The Director of the Australian Platypus Conservancy, Geoff Williams, who has been studying water rats and platypus since 1994 will share his knowledge of water rats.  

Previously the director of Healesville Sanctuary and assistant director of Taronga Zoo, he will give tips on how to go about spotting this fascinating native mammal in the wild in the hope that more people will look out for them and report sightings.

Talk on native water rats
Where: Wonga Wetlands Education Centre
When: Friday 21 October, at 7pm