Community more satisfied

17 May 2016

Residents are more satisfied with AlburyCity than they were in 2013 and Council received a higher satisfaction score than the average metropolitan or regional local government authority.

The  telephone survey, by Micromex Research, was undertaken in February and gauged the satisfaction of 403 residents within AlburyCity as a representative view of the entire community.

The community rated AlburyCity at 3.68 out of 5 for satisfaction – up from 3.48 in 2013.

Compared with the NSW LGA Brand scores, AlburyCity performed better than the Metropolitan (3.45), Regional (3.22) and ‘All of NSW’ (3.31) scores.

The 2016 survey found 66 per cent of respondents gave a rating of “satisfied to very satisfied”, compared with 61 per cent in 2013 and 57 per cent in 2011.

Overall satisfaction with AlburyCity improved with 89 per cent of residents at least ‘somewhat satisfied’, compared with 83 per cent in the previous 2013 survey.

Compared to previous research, there was a significant increase in residents’ satisfaction with community safety and appearance of the city.

The top five key drivers of community satisfaction were: 

  • Town planning decisions
  • Provision of council information to the community
  • Communicating and doing business with council online
  • Traffic flow
  • Community input into Council decisions

AlburyCity will use the results of the survey to assist with future decision-making, service delivery and communication with residents.

Read the whole Community Satisfaction Survey.