Bold, beautiful landscapes at MAMA

06 June 2016

A new exhibition at MAMA showcases the Murray Region in a bold new light, with leading Australian contemporary artist Jo Bertini drawing inspiration from the local landscape for her new body of work.

Jo has just finished creating 17 large scale oil paintings for her show, Hortus Conclusus, which is being shown exclusively at MAMA until Sunday 10 July.

Born in Broken Hill, Jo has an enduring love of the Australian landscape and its people and recently spent time touring the Murray Region, staying in shearing sheds and on local farms as part of her research for the exhibition.

Jo has held over 25 exhibitions in regional Australia and all works featured in the show will be for sale. All previous exhibitions have been a sell-out with Jo’s work highly sought after by galleries, collectors and individuals.

Here’s what she has to say about her works on show at MAMA: