Art transforms Volt Lane

22 September 2016

We’ve turned the Volt Lane power substation into a work of public art.

Volt Lane’s grey power substation has been transformed by local artist Nat Ward’s artwork Murray River Translating Wetlands, which now wraps the large power substation.

Before of Volt Lane power substation

The Volt Lane substation before its makeover.

Volt Lane substation wrapped in artwork

And after its makeover.

The public art project was completed in partnership with Volt Lane Pty Ltd and AlburyCity.

Volt Lane Pty Ltd’s developer David Harper said: “We are very excited to be involved in the project. The public art installation will further enhance the Volt Lane precinct, which is quickly becoming a CBD favourite due to its location, fantastic tenants and great access to parking.

“We'd encourage other property owners to consider getting involved in these types of initiatives, which set Albury apart from other regional cities.”

The public art project coincides with the celebration of 100 years of electricity in Albury.

Hear what artist Nat Ward has to say about her artwork being wrapped around the substation: