Weed removal at Oddies Creek

29 October 2015

AlburyCity's Wagirra Trail project team is removing noxious and environmental weeds from Oddies Creek in South Albury.

The work is part of a long-term strategy to clear local waterways of weeds and help return the natural water flow.

Weeds are being removed from an area of around 230 metres between the Union Bridge and the entrance into the popular Oddies Creek Playground.

The creek is lined with a number of River Red Gums which will be retained, however the understory is dominated by weeds, including several Weeping Willows which are a known environmental weed due to their root mass blocking the natural water flow. Once the area is cleared, the team will plant new native understory.

AlburyCity Mayor Henk van de Ven said removing the weeds will not only create a much more appealing southern entrance into the city, it will help restore the natural flow of the creek, which is currently made up of a series of stagnant lagoons.

He says many years ago this section of Oddies Creek was known for sightings of platypus and other aquatic life.

"I'm delighted that we're helping to improve the ecosystem and also the visibility and security around the entrance to the playground, in particular the narrow bridge crossing the creek," Cr van de Ven said.

The project will also enable members of the Wagirra Trail Project team to put into practice recent training they've undertaken in tree felling, chainsaw operations and weed treatment.