Proud to support Kool Skools

01 December 2015

AlburyCity was proud to receive an award to recognise 10 years' support of the "Kool Schools" project.

Council this year supported Albury High School in the national recording and song writing project.

Albury High was recognised for its CD The Pines and students Erin Macdonald and Katie Reid won an award for best artwork for the CD. 

Georgie Currie, from Albury High School, won Best Acoustic female vocal and Polarity, a band from Murray High School, won Best Duet. 

Kool Schools is in its 19th year and gives young people with the opportunity to record their open music and develop experience in the music industry. 

About 20 local young people recently travelled to Melbourne to attend the awards night. 

Kool Skools is open to all secondary schools and council youth agencies, youth associations or clubs. Find out more at